About The Swedish Creative Sector (Kreativ Sektor)

The Swedish Creative Sector is a collaboration between 5 associations in film/tv, video games, fashion, marketing communication and music.


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ASSOCIATION OF SWEDISH FASHION BRANDS (ASFB) is an independent organisation created by and for the Swedish fashion industry, for the purpose of bringing together, supporting and promoting the fashion industry as a whole. ASFB works to advance the Swedish fashion industry’s professional, cultural and academic importance, both nationally and globally. Through a number of initiatives and activities, ASFB aims to contribute to the industry’s economic growth, job creation and exports; to encourage and support entrepreneurship and innovation, and showcase the strength of Swedish fashion design – its high quality.

ASFB was formed on 23 November 2009 by the fashion brands Acne, Cheap Monday, Filippa K, Hope, Tiger of Sweden and Whyred, the fashion magazine Bon, the media agency Patriksson Communication and Visit Sweden. Many more of Sweden’s leading fashion brands have since joined the association.


MUSIKSVERIGEis an association that brings together the Swedish music industry. We conduct dialogues with politicians, civil authorities and the media to provide the best possible conditions for the creation, development and dissemination of Swedish music. Musiksverige is also a forum for the industry’s decision-makers where various partners work together to develop the industry.

Musiksverige has fourteen member organisations that bring together artists, musicians, composers, lyricists, managers, producers, record companies, music publishers, music consultants and music industry educational courses in Sweden

Marketing comm.

SVERIGES KOMMUNIKATIONSBYRÅER – The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies is a marketing communication industry association comprising agencies from nine different disciplines: action marketing, design, direct mail, events, interactive, mobile, media, PR and advertising. We work with and for our members in two ways – as a membership organisation and as an industry association.

As a membership organisation, we seek to inspire and educate our members and enable them to do better business, both for their clients and themselves. We do this by e.g. providing our members with access to legal advice, education and seminars. Guldägget (the golden egg) is the association’s annual advertising competition – Sweden’s oldest and biggest – and a great source of inspiration. As a membership organisation and opinion leader, we pursue issues for the communication industry as a whole. We do so through contacts with politicians and civil authorities, by acting as a consultative body and by being visible and audible in the media.

Video games

SWEDISH GAMES INDUSTRYis an organisation that collates and compiles the computer and videogame industry’s joint responsibilities and issues and informs about them. The organisation focuses on the industry as a whole and acts on its behalf in the media.

Behind Swedish Games Industry are the industry associations Spelplan-ASGD and ANGI, who represent developers, producers (Spelplan-ASGD), publishers and distributors (ANGI).


THE SWEDISH FILM & TV PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION is an industry organisation for production companies in Sweden that make feature films, documentaries, TV programmes and/or advertising films. The organisation seeks to look after its members’ financial interests and represent member companies in matters that concern conditions for the production and exploitation of films, TV programmes and advertising films.

The association was established in 2009 through the merger of the Swedish Film Producers Association, the Swedish TV Producers Association and the Swedish Association of Advertising Film Producers. It has just over 120 member companies in its three sections for feature films, TV and advertising films.

The association is one of the founders of FRF, Filmproducenternas Rättighetsförening (Film Producers’ Rights Association).

Med 21 förstaplaceringar på Billboardlistan är det bara John Lennon och Paul McCartney som slår den svenske låtskrivaren Max Martins topplisteframgångar.
På bara 20 år har svenskt mode vuxit till en miljardindustri som sysselsätter lika många personer som trävaru- och pappersindustrin.
Spelbranschen har i genomsnitt vuxit med 39% årligen sedan 2006.